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Work in progress conversation script [08 Nov 2005|10:12am]
There are so many common misconceptions about what it's like to go into hypnosis, and I'm certain that the main one for you, is losing control when you enter trance. This usually comes from the false assumption that when you go into a deep trance it is just like when you go to sleep, now, because of the stage shows, or Derren Brown or whatever, they're cut to make you think that. They don't show you the selection process when they pick the natural extroverts, or show-offs.

In reality, when you find yourself entering trance, it's more like when you drift off into a daydream maybe you'll even be talking to someone and whereas at first you would be aware of everything around you like the feeling of your feet on the floor and the warmth of your hands on the surface they were rested, instead you would start noticing the movement or shadows on the person's face and quickly you would start to become completely detached from your awareness.

Even if you find what the person is saying very intruiging, sometimes you're mind just seems to want to float away.

When you become completely immersed in a TV show or book, and sometimes even driving, you are allowing yourself to enter trance, you start breathing deeply and your pupils dilate and as you start to become completely absorbed and focussed, you begin to get more and more relaxed.

And that's basically what trance is, it's not like comatose, and you're subconscious mind will take you only as far as your comfortable with going. When you first begin to enter trance, it's similar to when you need sleep and you are extremely drowsy and sleepy and you try to read a book or some other focussed task, then your eyes begin to get heavy and before you realize, they begin to close as the dreaming part of your mind rises to surface and the more you try and stay awake and focussed the more the eyes begin to pull themselves down.... like heavy shutters.

And then, you fall deeply asleep
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[18 May 2005|09:21am]
Ok, I've been VERY slack with this journal, I tried doing a community for a while brain_ninja and concluded that updating as a diary is probably more conducive to personal development than hosting a community, as the more knowledgable a community member seems to be, the less they seem to post.

My interest lately has turned back to convential hypnosis for the time being, I've been learning several new rapid induction techniques, it's nice to know you don't have to spend hours to get someone in a nice deep trance :)

I do like the thought of walking around assertively pointing and shouting 'SLEEP!' to everyone I meet, just to see who will...

With the session the other day, just after deepening section and establishing ideomotor signals the doorbell rang which I completely failed to utilize. Instead of utilizing it ie. 'As the sound of a doorbell reminds you of these opening doors into new awarenessess and levels of consciousness you can begin to walk through them and float deeper...' I flaked and brought her out.

Bad boy.

I started playing with the virtual hypnotist last night, which is.... interesting...

I'll give it another try when I'm not falling into physiological sleep every time I try to go into trance :\

I found a load of hypnosis video seminars by a guy called Kenrick Cleveland, they seem to cover a lot of the stuff in trance-formations [Bandler & Grinder] but in a audio / visual form so I can get a clearer sense of rhythm, anchoring and tonality [although I much prefer Derren Brown for tonality and Milton Erickson for rhythm].

Another area that has gauged my interest lately is the subject of intuition:
It is said that once you start listening and acting on it, the more your sub-conscious will feed you [seeing as the 'advice' isn't falling onto deaf ears].
Taking this theory into mind I have been following my gut instincts [mostly warnings] with surprising accuracy, although this obviously hasn't been tuned to my financial situation as I am broke. As hell.

As far as sub-conscious 'thought' reading goes, I have my eye on some 'physiopsychological' reading books, I'll keep you posted ;)

Another of my friends is becoming a body-language fiend, I wouldn't be surprised if she'll be teaching me a thing or five next time I see her :)

Comments welcome as always...
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Recently... [20 Jul 2004|09:37am]
After the unbelievable successes of late regarding suggestability testing and inducing mild trance on some of my [willing] guinea pigs friends, I came to the conclusion that it's time to take things a step further, and hit Barnstaple library.
Dissapointingly [although amusingly], the only interesting NLP book available was Nuero-Linguistic Programming for Dummies.

Also, recieved the rapport book this morning a day after ordering it, still waiting on the handwriting analysis one though.
Gonna be a busy week or two for me!

If anyone wants their handwriting analysed, [and I'd really appreciate the opportunity to do it] please either  give me a sample of a paragraph or so on paper or scan it and post it here, I'll post the results here, should be good for a laugh or three!
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FIRST ENTRY! [20 Jul 2004|09:17am]
Ok, first entry of my swanky-new brain-ninjary chronicles! It will contain my experiences and learnings of all things subliminally psychological.

You are free to  add this journal to your friends list  if you are interested in any of this stuff, I'd appreciate your input, opinions and questions! It'd be nice to be able for other people to  learn here  as well as myself.
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